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Tea The Champions Retirees

Toy & Teacup NSDR Australian Shepherd, AKC Miniature American Shepherd Family

Australian Shepherd and American Shepherd depict the same breed according to registration policies and politics. Dogs have three to seven NSDR generation pedigree as "Toy Australian Shepherds".

AKC/FSS papers calling the same dog, "Miniature American Shepherd", using the same pedigree's from NSDR have been given to these Aussies. Under 10" Aussies are disqualified from the conformation show ring as "under sized". This is where the slang word of "Teacup" has been used as a descriptive adjective in dog terminology.

Tea Cup Aussies

TEACUPS: Height: 10" and under. Measuring from the shoulder to the ground. Weight: Approx. 4-11 pounds as adults.

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The Guys.........

The Gals.........


Parents have been cleared by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) with passing scores for hip checks. This refers to "Radiographic evaluation of phenotype with respect to hip dysplasia". Although this does NOT guarantee that their offspring will receive a clear hip check, it does genetically help to prevent this debilitating condition.

Parents have been genetically tested for Hereditary Cataracts mutation and have been found NOT TO CARRY THE GENETIC DISORDER (N/N)! This mean that they can not pass Cataracts on to their offspring. This goes much further that the traditional CERF. testing. The Cerf. test is only good for one year and must be done annually until the Aussie is 9 years old before they are given a clear rating for cataracts. By this age they are more than likely not producing anymore. The HSF-4 testing N/N result, Clears the dog of all genetic mutation for the collie eye. This is most common eye issue that can be a problem in the Australian Shepherd breed.

I have done everything possible to keep up to date with the latest technology, so I can provide the healthiest new family member possible!

Tea The Champions Retirees
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